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News from k-tech

Here you will find the latest news so that you always know what is new.

With k-tech into the future of technology

THIS IS US Automation technology, mechatronics or machining technology, we are the right partner for you.

Innovative all-round solutions at all technical levels plus professional advice and support at the highest level – that’s what you can expect when you work with k-tech.

As the leading machine manufacturer in the region with the highest level of vertical integration, we are your partner in the manufacture of industrial, production and special machines.










Welcome Michael!

It continues with new hires at k-tech. This month we welcomed Michael to help with the design.

We look forward to cooperation.

And wish everyone a nice holiday season.









Welcome Konstantin!

It continues with new hires at k-tech.

Last month we were able to welcome Konstantin to support us with PLC programming and commissioning.

We look forward to cooperation. And wish everyone a great summer time.






Enlargement of the production area at k-tech

MORE production area

MORE machines

MORE available capacitiesWe are ready for you & your inquiries







Company fair on April 19, 2023 at the HTWG Konstanz

The mechanical engineering faculty of the HTWG Konstanz took place on April 19th, 2023 COMPANY FAIR

#mechanical engineering – from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. in building P – We are also there #ktechgmbh & look forward to your visit!


#htwg #htwgkonstanz








We wish you a nice & relaxing Easter with family & friends.

TRAINEE spot in Constance on May 2nd, 2023 - WE WILL BE THERE

On Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023 you will find k-tech in the Cinestar cinema in Konstanz from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

We are part of the education fair Azubispot this year in the cinema, you can find your apprenticeship or study place between popcorn, nachos and cola, how cool is that?

You can speak to us personally on site or listen to a presentation about our company in the cinema hall. In addition, you have a huge program around it, free cinema tickets, a photo and beauty box for your new application picture, a slot machine on the cinema screen… and much more!

We at k-tech are very pleased to get to know you.







The constant growth of k-tech means that we are not only expanding our team, but also our company.

From the end of April to mid-May 2023 we will expand the machine park & ​​move to Plant 2.

We ask for your understanding that there could be longer processing times during the relocation of production to the new building.





New system completed & accepted in the new year - on the way to the customer

New system completed & accepted in the new year – on the way to the customer.

Regardless of whether you work in the automotive, food, aerospace or medical technology sectors, we will support you from the idea through development to implementation.

In addition, we accompany you throughout the entire life cycle of your product, your systems and machines. If we have aroused your interest, please give us a call.

Final sprint 2022

Year-end sprint #2022 at k-tech Before Christmas there are still a few systems and assemblies to be completed for our customers.

We can do it with links!


Welcome Sonja!

It continues with new hires at k-tech. This month we welcome Sonja to support the production. We look forward to cooperation.

And wish everyone a contemplative Advent season.

The Konstanz donation initiative culture & encounter in the heart of the city at Münsterplatz Konstanz

We cordially invite you to our theme evening by Raumwerk & k-tech. Culture & encounters in the heart of the city at Münsterplatz Konstanz on December 22nd, from 6 p.m. with music by Miss Müllers Mucke. This year the donations go to the Wessenberg Foundation & the DLRG.




Welcome guys!

There’s a lot going on at the moment, and not just on our construction site. We are also highly increasing our staff! Claudio supports us in the assembly departement. Patrick, as the production planner, has an overview of our manufacturing department. Kevin has been supporting us since August as our FORMBASE-specialist and Martin is our new addition in the engineering department.

Anlage Kunde Heizwendelbolzen Tonnenschwer blau

Plant shipping

The unit on the far left weighs almost a ton on it’s own. In addition, a few hundred kilograms are added by the other two components. We will integrate the system into the customer’s existing production process on site.

Azubis k-tech Mechatroniker & Zerspanungsmechaniker September 2022 Start

Training start 2022

Two weeks ago, our new apprentices started their training at k-tech. Welcome you two and thank you for your trust. Raphael starts his training as a cutting machine operator and Daniel as a mechatronics engineer. We wish you a lot of fun and look forward to seeing your development over the next few years.

Videoshoot assembly of a device with an employer while being filmed

Video shoot at k-tech

Our customer 8tree from the aviation & aerospace industry is among the last 10 participants for the State Prize for Young Companies 2022. A film team from Mannheim visited us today to shoot a video about them.
The film team shot manufacturing processes and product application examples.
We are excited to see the result and keep our fingers crossed.

Michael Technikerarbeit Maschinenbau HGS Singen

Thesis at k-tech

Theses are also possible with us. Michael has been writing his engineering thesis at our company since the beginning of August. Welcome to k-tech! We look forward to supporting you in your further education. And are happy to hearing about your findings and the new projects that can result from them. We never stop learning and look forward to your input!

Baustellenfoto Neubau k-tech mit stehender Fassade ohne Dach

News from our new building

The facade is in place, only the roof is missing. Soon the interior work can begin. From the end of the year, the first components can be manufactured in our new production hall. We are already looking forward to the autumn machine back.

Homepage Relaunch PCIS Particle Cleaning Industrial Solution

New contemporary brand

The name Particle Cleaning Industrial Solution (PCIS for short) already suggests it: Our new contemporary brand specializes in technical cleanliness. Everything related to the topic can be found on our new homepage. Feel free to visit !

Mitarbeiter Florian und Jonas vor Efeu-Wand

Employee Update

For the summer months and holiday season, we have once again obtained strong support. A temporary welcome to Florian and Jonas in our team and thank you for supporting us until autumn.

Thanks fpr watching our youtube video

From k-tech for space

Here you can see our DMG 5-axis milling machine manufacturing a component that is used in aerospace. The longevity and stability of the individual components is extremely important for the quality assurance of our customer’s system process.

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Neue Mitarbeiter von k-tech vor Efeu-Wand

Staff Information

We have been able to welcome two new employees to our production since May. Felix supports us as a mechatronics engineer and Benni as an industrial mechanic. Welcome you two. We look forward to having you on the team!

Biegematrize für Automatisierungsprozess

Feasibility study: bending process as basis for automation

The challenges of this feasibility study were the high requirements for the formal fidelity of the later product. In particular, the bending angle, leg lengths and flatness. In addition, the tool had to have a hugh variety, so a wide variety of lengths and angles could be realized. Great attention also had to be paid to the clamping of the workpiece, since an exact orientation of the stop surfaces to the later bends was required. In addition, no pinch marks were allowed to be seen on the product.

IHK Konstanz Auszubildenden Magazin Zukunft nur mit Ausbildung Coverbild

Future only with apprenticeship

No concrete plan yet what to do after you graduate from school? 🤔 How about a technical apprenticeship? 💡 On page 73 of the new issue “Zukunft nur mit Ausbildung” of the IHK Konstanz you will find our training offer 😀👍 The magazine contains all the important information on the subject of training (also very interesting for parents). We look forward to new, young talents and your application! ✍️📝 The magazine can be read online here (only in German). But it is also laid out free of charge at the schools in the district.

DJI Camera Drohnenbild Einebnung der Bodenplatte für den Neubau

Update construction site

Our new building is slowly taking shape. The piles have now been set and the floor slab has been cast. Now the construction can begin.

Bauteil für Schneidvorgang aus Drahterodiermaschine Schwermetall

Complex component

The die shown is only the counterpart of the actual component, which is used in the manufacture of seals in the automotive sector. We were able to produce this very complex component with our wire EDM machine.

UV-Klebeanlage versandfertig verpackt für Kunden in Deutschland und Rumänien

Plant ready for dispatch

Another system for our customer is ready and on its way. This time not only to Germany, but also to the East. Our customer’s premises in Romania are already looking forward to the UV gluing system Made in Germany! We are proud to be able to support international and national customers in production with our assemblies and systems.

Thanks fpr watching our youtube video

New Video up!

A brand new video is up on our Youtube channel. If you are interested in UV adhesive automats, we highly recommend to watch our new video

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Neubau Anbau Baustelle Bagger k-tech 2022

Groundbreaking for our new bulding!

Since today the excavators roll on our cunstruction site. Our team can look forward to get more working space. Because of the really good order situation, our team needs more space, so we can still manufacture great products for our costumers. The groundbreaking started today. We are happy to see our company growing!

6-Achs-Roboter Robotergreifarm Montageanlage Darstellung gerendert Fertigung Bauteil

Process automation

With the realization of this assembly machine, we were able to combine several processes in one place: Cleaning, application of two beads of adhesive, encapsulation on both sides. Including monitoring the amount of encapsulation using a load cell and subsequent installation of the assemblies. Furthermore, the circuit boards are programmed via spring-loaded contact pins and tested electrically and optically. Thanks to cleverly interlaced processes, we have managed to keep the cycle time of the system under one minute despite the long casting, bonding and curing times. The automatic assembly machine is easily accessible from all sides, thus ensuring ergonomic and economical work.

Mixing Tips Montageanlage k-tech Pharma Medizin

Mechanical engineering easier than ever

Your idea, our technology! Easy as that!
YOut don’t have to worry about anything. We will provide you with everythin. Our designers bring the mechanical drawings, our production team manufacture the components and our technicians assembly the modules and plants. Everything under one roof! We construct, produce and automate your assembly. No matter if its tiny or big, for earth or space.

Ausschuss CNC Fräsen Drahterodieren Bauteil Stahl

Millimetre components

The leftovers of our CNC-components look great. For our costumer, who is in the electronic sector and sensor technology, we are turning components accurate to the millimetre. We used our 5-axis miling machine and our wire edm machine. The finished component is part of a assembly.

Öffnungsautomat für Urinproben manuell und automatisch

Serial production

With our manual and automatic opening machines for urin samples, we support the field of sport so doping doesn’t stand a chance!

Mitarbeiter in der Montage an Projekten Mechatronik, Maschinenbau, Sondermaschinen, Robotik, Schaltschrank, Halbleiter, Prüfadapter

End of the year rally

Just before christmas we are need to finish some mechanical modules and assemblies. With our great team, we can do it easily

More articles

k-tech Logo freigestellt

Corona updates

Our opening hours haven’t changed! You can still reach us from Montay to Thursday from 7am to 5pm and on Friday from 7am to 3pm. You have to wear a mask on the premises (medical or FFP2 masks are allowed). Employees also have to present a certificate according to the 3G-rule (vaccinated, recovered, or tested). The certificates will be verified at the reception.

Janis neuer Azubi 2021 Industriemechaniker

Trainee information

The new year of apprenticeship has started in September 2021. We are more than happy to have new trainees in our machining and assembly team. Janis is starting his apprentice as mechatronics engineer. We hope you all are going to enjoy the next three years and can’t wait to see your growth. Welcome in our team all of you and happy learning!

Mitarbeiter Herbstfest 2021

Staff information

Autmn always brings changes. Not only as a season, but in our administation as well.

After 28 years we say good bye to our lovely Jasmin, who is retiring. We are glad you have been the heart of our office for such a long time. All the best and a lot of fun in your new chapter of life. But before she said farewell, she showed the ropes to her successor. We are looking foreward to work with Claudia, our new Office Manger and the successor of Jasmin. She is not only going to support us in accounting, but will also welcome our costumers at the front desk. We are happy to have you in our team Claudia!

Logo Plattform Go2automation

New partnership at Go2automation

We are happy to announce an other partership certification at Go2automation. This time it’s Mitsubishi Electric – Automation Network Partner.

Logo Plattform Go2automation

New partnership at Go2automation

The Nachi Europe GmbH has certified k-tech on the plattform Go2automation as his partner. We are really glad about this.

Gebäude k-tech Drohnenbild von oben

An annex for k-tech

We are building an annex for our assembly and manucaturing, so we can still produce the plants and special machines for our customers in the future. The groundbreaking will be in autumn 2021.

Logo Plattform Go2automation

New article on Go2automation

In this plant we integrated a robot cell with sensors, so all six work sequences could be combined. Before that the work sequences were performed in different places. Our new plant is minimazing space and additional travel.

Logo als Banner k-tech Sondermaschinenbauer Konstanz Bodensee

New employees

Since april a new mechatronics engineer is working in our assembly team. We welcome our new marketing colleague since February as well. We are always looking foreward to gain new clever heads in our team and welcome them.

Logo als Banner k-tech Sondermaschinenbauer Konstanz Bodensee

Great news: Our new homepage is online!

During the last few weeks the whole k-tech team has prepared our new homepage. So we are more than happy to present our homepage in a new design. Our goal was, to show our costumers what we do and can do in a really easy and simple way. Because we as a complete system supplier, always want to be technically up-to-date, our homepage should be the same. No matter whether you’re in the office on your computer or on the way on your phone, we and our homepage are there for you.