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Brands & partners

Bundled know-how and the highest quality – we introduce our partners

Strong partners, strong products

Over the years we have introduced a range of own brands onto the market and, of course we have found great partners with whom we enjoy working. Here is an overview.

Our brands

TFHS / FormBase

FormBase is a heating system for Thermofit components that adjusts the fit of sports shoes to the wearer in just a few minutes. It is currently used by teams and athletes in football, ice hockey, winter sports and other sports. FormBase can be configured according to the customer’s wishes and the colour can be designed yourself. For further information, refer to the homepage of our own brand

PCIS – Particle Cleaning Industrial Solutions

Our own brand PCIS designs, develops, sells and distributes systems, modules and devices for the particulate surface cleaning of products and product-related areas. Functional surfaces of technical components are also part of the scope of application.

PCIS supports you from the coordination of requirements through to integration and beyond, with the objective of being able to achieve the required product cleanliness effectively, economically and reproducibly.

  • Manufacture and assembly of cleaning modules and cleaning stations
  • Gripper and clamping systems and holders of cleaning objekts
  • Feeding, separating, and sorting systems of cleaning components
  • Joining, positioning, press-fitting, or screwing systems  for the cleaning process
  • Assembly systems (cycle systems, automatic rotary indexing machines, robot systems, etc.) for cleaning processes
  • Pick & place and handling and transport systems for cleaning applications
  • Cleaning of small parts
  • Technical cleanliness of machines according to USP788, VDI2083 and, ISO14644
  • Integrable cleaning cells
  • Solutions for the cleanliness of product surfaces or assembly-integrated cleaning systems
  • Test systems for quality assurance
  • Packaging and palletizing systems of cleaned products
  • and many more

Further informations you’ll find on the website of our brand PCIS

Cup reverse vending machine (CRV) EuroCup

Our CRV is an innovative, environmentally friendly reusable solution that addresses large amounts of waste. At present, there are almost 2,000 of our machines in schools and universities across Europe, but also in amusement parks, authorities, hospitals – all over the world.

The machine is available in two versions with different cup variants. Both machines record the bottom identification on the stacking edge or the pure height of the respective cup models, regardless of whether they are disposable or reusable. The characteristics of the cups can be programmed on the exchangeable inline of the machine.

For further information, refer to the homepage of our partner SMK EuroCup.

We would be happy to send you the maintenance plan and the product data sheet. Contact us.

You’ll find our data sheets for download here (available only in German):

Preisliste 2023 EC04

Betriebsanleitung EC04

Sensortest Beschreibung

Bestellvorlage EC04

Service Hotline: +49 (0) 7531/94218-23


The k-tech portfolio also includes a glass polishing machine for the catering and event sector, which is able to polish a very large throughput of glasses. When using GlasClar, the glass breakage is significantly less compared to manual polishing and, is close to zero. In contrast to competing products, GlasClar impresses by its simple elegance and can easily persist in high-end gastronomy. The machine can even be integrated into sommelier trolleys to polish the glasses directly at the guest’s table.

The areas of application are:

  • Restaurants
  • Event catering
  • High-end gastronomy
  • Cruise ships
  • Etc.

Our partners


Our partner neonsee manufactures sunlight simulators that are used in the aerospace industry, but also in the photovoltaic and automotive industries and in life sciences. The systems generate artificial sunlight to be able to carry out corresponding tests under precisely defined conditions. k-tech and neonsee produce these sunlight simulators together and, also work closely together on standard projects or custom projects with automation.

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8-tree is a company that operates in the aerospace, wind power and automotive industries. 8-tree creates optically measuring test devices in order to detect damage to the respective systems and to simplify work processes. We have already implemented several projects with our partner and, have so far been able to meet every customer request with an individual solution.


The so-called cruncher is made by k-tech for our partner Trautwein and its reverse vending systems. It chops up or compacts PET bottles and AL containers within the reverse vending system and is usually integrated in the latter. The reverse vending systems will be found in grocery stores, but also in other recycling facilities.

Ulrich Swiss

The Ulrich AG is a swiss company, which was founded over 100 years ago. It produces surgical instruments. The success of Ulrich Swiss is based on the intensive cooperation with surgeons and OP technical staff, who are included in the process of prototyping. k-tech and Ulrich Swiss have effectively completed many projects together.  Further informations can be found on the Homepage of Ulrich Swiss

IMM Cleaning Solutions

Since more than 20 years IMM Cleaning Solution produces compressed air-powered cleaning systems, which eliminates particles and electrostatic charge on different surfaces. The different types turn around, are static or rotate. More informations can be found on the Homepage.


Inveko is a known specialist in electrostatik. Not only when it comes to technical cleaniness, but in the production processes, Inveko can help find and implement perfect solutions for his costumers. For further informationen visit the website of Inveko


The team of IngWorx advise their costumers in questions about technical cleanliness. In cooperation with their costumers they find solutions that fit the costumers requirements and bring together the fitting companies for the implementation. More informations can be read on the website of IngWorx


Technology needs humans. And humans need organisation. T&O doesn’t consider technology without the organisation, where it’s used. Under this guideline we plan and realize efficient productions, factories and distribution centres for our costumers. Automation and digitisation are the core element of our soltutions. Further informations you’lln find on our website.


We are MOTECO, a small, highly motivated company specializing in the construction of test fixtures. We offer a range of different testing options from mechanical test fixtures to vacuum solutions to in-line interchangeable kits. In addition, we also have products in our portfolio for high-frequency requirements, as well as the common test system connections for our adapters. You can find more informations on our website.